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  1. O.

    Dear M, im so sorry for your situasion. Im gonna do something. It must stop. Right now. And i know that all the people on Samos and Lesbos live like that. Sometimes even worse! I can’t believe it. Here in Amsterdam is everything fine. I never heard it. It is terrible. I have no words for it. Im going to take action.

    Best wishes en luck for you and your family.


  2. Ineke

    Dear M.,
    Thank you for sending us your letter. It makes me sad and angry to read about the situation of you and your family. I hope and pray that this whole situation will come soon to a solution. We’re greatful for the organisations which work hard for the refuges. We pray for you! God bless!

  3. Corrie

    Hello M. ,
    Thank you for writing this letter. I read it and feel very sad about your story.
    I don’t know so far that the situation of the refugees where so very bad.

    I send you and your family hugs and greetings from Holland XXXXXX

  4. Heymen

    Beste M,

    k zit hier samen met mijn zoon van 1 jaar op mijn schoot en lees uw brief. Het doet mij pijn te lezen in welke situatie u en uw gezin zich bevindt. Niemand verdient een leven zoals deze. Ik weet niet waarom u dit overkomt, maar ik geloof dat een moment komt dat uw situatie verbetert. Wanneer dat weet ik niet. Ik bid en hoop dat u de kracht kunt vinden op hierop te wachten. Heel veel sterkte! Keep Hope!

    Groeten van Heymen uit Neder.land. …

  5. Therese

    I feel very bad over your situation. I hope you leave the camp and you found a better place to stay. Europe is not what it says to be. It’s a continent of arrogant people thinking that they doing well, i am ashamed to be an European. Hope you keep strong whereever you are now.
    In thoughts of you,

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