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  1. Roos

    Dear M
    Your letter came to me, while taking the train from Prague back to Utrecht /Holland, where I live. Thank you for your letter and although I have no idea what to write you, I will give it a try.
    The fact that your words reached me, make us (you and I) visible in a way, for each other. I know many people think of the sad and horrible circumstances in the “camps” in Greece. Governments are not taking responsibility and many 6 people try to convince governments to do something. I always believe in love, which will always survive in the end. But I have no idea what I can do as a single person to improve your situation.
    This evening I hope to be at home, with my husband and 16 years old son. My son who is preparing for his exam in 2021, trying to design a boat which works on solar energy. Me myself I am working as a social worker, and in 2015 I started, together with some others, the organization Takecarebnb.org. Several syrian refugees stayed with us, we became close till today and we became as family. Dear M., it is possible! Try to send more letters, I will spread your words, to help to make Europe more aware, to make governments do something! We have to share, and when you will be in Europe one day, be welcome in my house in Utrecht.
    Lots of love

  2. Jos Santen

    Dear, I feel so sorry for all your misery in your current life! If I would live in Greece, I would try to come over to you to give you both material and personal support. But I live far away in Holland, on the other side of Europe. I have recently given money to refugee aid organisaitions that are active in Greece. Hopefully, you directly profit from it. Frequently, I feel a little sad because of the huge inequality in Europe of which you are a random victim. Most of all, I hope the Greek authorities will soon give you a license for travelling further to any European country which provides sustainable shelter for you for good! My heart is with you!

    Big hug,
    Mr Jos Santen

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