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  1. Annemarie

    Wat een mooie brief en ik hoop dat jullie snel weer weg mogen uit het kamp! En zo’n mooie tekening erbij!
    Het zou heel fijn zijn als jullie ooit weer terug zouden kunnen naar jullie eigen land. Ik wens jullie veel sterkte!


  2. Corrie

    Hello dear sisters !
    Thank you for the letter. I read him. And I hope one day you can go back to your own country.
    The drawing is beautiful with a lot of colours. I like it.
    Wish you and your sisters all the best. Good luck on school!
    Hugs from Holland XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Jos Santen

    Hello dear sisters,

    I feel so sorry for the misery your family is in! Hopefully the board of the Greek camp has given you any perspective in moving to a safer, prosperous place anywhere else in Europe. Being in a refugee camp is a terrible state of being stuck between a rock and a hard place: Having fled your native country devastated by war and ended up in a camp where you feel forced to stay in awful circumstances you have never met before. Maybe the only thing which you and your family doesn’t make feel terribly desperate neither lonely as hell is as follows: That countless other refugees around you are in the same boat, that they immediately fully understand what you have been through. Maybe I get this wrong but I just mention it to encourage you a little in your state of misery. I am also with you and I would like to visit you for consolidating you any way I can. But the point is that I live about three thousand miles from you, on the other side of Europe. I am so sorry for that! But I have written letters to politicians to urge them to adopt refugees from your camps. Furthermore, I have given lots of money to refugee aid organisations which are active on Samos and Lesbos. Hopefully this animates you a little too!

    Anyway, I wish you a future without fear, war, poverty, sorrow and above all, with constance in housing and livelihood!

    Love, Jos from Holland

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