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  1. Rachel

    Dear Syrian refugee,
    By reading many letters, hearing story’s and seeing photographs, I can imagine the hell you live in. I think I could never endure life there. I think I would die. But maybe I could find the strength to go on, like you do. I really respect you for it and for taking care of your mother too. It must be so hard in a place like that.
    I am ashamed for the western country’s where you once thought so highly of.
    You fled from war and violence and then were put in hellhole Moria. It is unbelievable.
    They deny you your human rights which is unforgiveable.
    Our governments in Europe will hopefully soon come to their senses and open the borders.
    I hope you will find that peaceful place where you can make a warm home with your mother and brother. Stick to that dream! Try to hold on till better days come. May it be very soon!
    Maybe once you ‘ll visit the Netherlands,
    Good luck,

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