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  1. beth


    I read your letter with a lot of tears. I am also a woman but in a totaly different country and enviroment. It’s is almost unbelievable what you have gone through in your life.

    I wish it was possible for me to come and get you and get a safe haven with me.
    But I am sorry that it’s not that easy.

    The camps in Greece are overcrowded, particularly Moria. It’s hell on earth. The volonteers can’t give enough help to all the refugees. And the politicians don’t seem to understand what’s going on.

    And than your husband…. You lived in a controlling country, where you showed to be a very strong and powerfull woman! And you went to a safe country but with a man who gave you no safety at all.

    I am very sad for you, and understand your question about God. But I live far away from you and the only thing I can do is pray to God. I pray for your strength, your courage, your power, your safety, your freedom. I pray for the people around you in the camp. Maybe they can find a solution for you.

    Please stay strong, you are such a powerfull woman! I can’t imagine how strong, but you are.

    Lots of love.

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