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  1. Jacky

    Hello Z,
    I read your letter, and I think you are very brave. You seek a safe future for your children and fled the war in your country. And now you take care of them in those horrible circumstances. What a heavy task for a father. If you can, keep the hope for that peaceful future alive, your current life will not last forever. I hope you can leave Lesvos very soon and reach that safe country where your children can study.
    Keep courage!!!

  2. HvW

    Dear Z,
    As a father, you fight for a better future for your children. I can understand that very much. And I feel sorry for you that you live in a camp. I wish you strength and i hope you keep your patience. I really do believe it will change. You will live with your children in a safe place, some day. You are not forgotten. For now, warm greetings to you and your family.

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