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  1. Eline

    Salam, dear A.
    What a terrible situation. It is inhumane to let people live in camps like that. That is not living. It makes me feel ashamed to be a European. I wish our politicians would open their hearts and open the borders. This is not how war-refugees should be treated, nor any human being.
    I hope you can leave the camp and live somewhere safe and decent in the very near future. You deserve that.
    Try to hold on, hopefully things will be better soon.

  2. corine

    Dear A,
    I am very sorry to hear how bad the situation is that you and your family are living in.
    I hope you will be strong till things get better.
    When I look up at the stars I will ask them that they will protect you until you’ ll be free and safe again.
    All my best wishes to you!

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