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  1. Hanne

    Dear J.,
    I hope you wil get your blue card very soon and that you can leave this horrible place. I’ve heard about the fire and I hope that you already moved to another place. I pray for you and your daughter you left in Congo. I will tell my friends about your situation and I’m very ashamed how Europe and the Netherlands miss their responsibility to change the situation.
    I wish you all the best and a good future together with your daughter.
    Please let me know more about your situation. I understood that you can also react on my reaction.
    Good luck,

  2. Jos Santen

    Dear, I feel so sorry for all your misery in your current life! If I would live in Greece, I would try to come over to you to give you both material and personal support. But I live far away in Holland, on the other side of Europe. I have recently given money to refugee aid organisaitions that are active in Greece. Hopefully, you directly profit from it. Frequently, I feel a little sad because of the huge inequality in Europe of which you are a random victim. Most of all, I hope the Greek authorities will soon give you a license for travelling further to any European country which provides sustainable shelter for you for good! My heart is with you!

    Big hug,
    Mr Jos Santen

    • Corrie

      Dear J,
      I feel sorry for your situation. It is hard to read about your sorrows and your problems.
      I hope life will soon be better for you. You deserve that!
      Greetings from Holland for you and your daughter,
      XXXXX C.

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