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  1. Heleen

    I am sorry for the bad situation you live in. I hope it will be better soon and that you can go to your brother. My best wishes to your father and mother.
    Hold on, dear person!!!!

  2. Jos Santen

    Dear, I feel so sorry for the desperate situation you and your family are in on Samos. It is a shame that you don’t get any warranty to move on to a much better place anywhere in Europe. You definitely deserve a place where you can live in safety, welfare, well-being and where you will make many friends so that you feel deeply appreciated by your surroundings again. The latter is what I hope most of all, because you have had a terrible amount of hostility which you have never deserved. If I would live on Samos, I definitely would come over to help you. I have written several letters to European politicians in Brussels in which I urged them to strongly improve the destiny of refugees on Greek islands. But I live two thousand miles away from you. However, my heart is with you.

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