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  1. Elly

    Dear family,
    Your circumstances are inhuman and your situation unbearable.
    Here, in Holland, there are people who do everything they can to help you and all other people like you! Please keep having faith!


  2. Patricia

    Dear family,

    I’m very sorry to read about your sircumstances. I can imagine that you don’t feel save yet. But I ‘m also very glad that your family is all together. Why do you want to go to Finland? Do you have family over there? I have a very nice friend from your country. Last friday I have had dinner with him and his family. They are helping refugees to.
    You, and me too, are depending on the governments in Europe. So that means that I can’t do anything for you right now, but pray. Right now I can only listen to your voice. At this moment we are collecting clothes, soap and hygienic disposebals for you people over there in de camps. But 20 years ago, I volunteered in a dutch refugee camp, and I saw terror and fear on the faces of the people I met. So I can imagine, just a little bit, how you feel. I ‘m a dutch women age 55, married and one grown up child. He still lives with us. Because there are hardly any houses available. Which means our country is kind of overcrowded. So we are struggling with your problems too. But I sincerely hope that your circumstances soon will al be better and that your children get wel soon. You deserve it.


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