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  1. Corrie van der Wal

    Dear H.M.
    How awfull to hear about your struggles. You went away, hoping for better times in Europe, and things appear to be more terrible.. I sympathise with you, and every one allround you in same sort of situation!
    I pray for you, and hope better days will come soon. Good people on your path who help you turn your lives allround for the best.
    In thought with you..

  2. Miab

    Hallo H.M.,
    it’s hard to read what you are write to the people of Europe. You are really suffering in the camp. I wil tell your story to the people. If I could I would open the borders, but I can’t. I only can pray for you and I hope that you can leave this horrible place very soon.
    I wish you a lot of support from people around you.
    Stay strong, hold hope and trust in a good future.

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