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  1. Corinne

    Hello father of three,
    I am so sorry for your suffering in camp Samos. I hope you have left by now to a place with dignity, safety and care. It is a human right and it is a very big shame on Europe how they treat refugees like you. I, as an ordinairy citizen, have little influence, but I do what I can to influence the politics. And I am not the only one. I hope you can find the strength and courage to keep going on. For what it’s worth: you have my deepest respect. I think it is brave to keep your wife and children safe in these awful circumstances. You do the best you can!! I hope sincerely you are in a better place and if not, that you can move out very soon. Try to stay strong and carry on!
    Warm regards to you and your family. I wish you the best,

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