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  1. rist

    Dear mother of 7,
    I understand your life in Samos is not as easy as you thought it would be.
    There are so many refugees from a lot of countries. And there are not enough people to help you all. I am very sorry..

    But you are not forgotten and I pray for you and your family.
    I hope you can get out of the camp and you can go to a safe place. The children can go to school and you can make a start with a new future.

    Stay strong untill that time. And please know that you are blessed to have your family with you. You need eachother.

    I send you love and hope from Holland


  2. sabeth

    Dear mother of 7,
    I am very sorry your life didn’t get better as you hoped.
    It’s hard to see your children have to suffer, first from the war and now in a bad situation in the camp.
    There are a lot of refugees, the camps are to small to give all you people a good place to stay. I hope you can leave the camp , and your children can go to school and get a better future. I pray that it will be soon.

    It’s a good thing you have your family with you. Please stay strong for eachother.

    I send you love.

  3. Aleida

    Hello madame,
    May your situation get better soon. and your kids go to school and have a good future. Keep believing, keep your faith. You are so brave to have fled and keep everybody safe. Carry on, till better times come, dear woman.
    You are in my thoughts,

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