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  1. HvW

    Hello R,

    No human is useless. That’s right. Your life is valuable. I am sorry to read that you feel useless. I really hope that a country will take you up and that you will feal welcome there as a person. That you can find a partner and start a family. You are still young, 23 years old. I hope you keep patience and faith. I do believe it will get better for you. In some years the refugees in Greece will move to other countries. Today I read in my newspaper the cry for the need to help refugees in Greece. You are definitely not forgotten. It is just not right. .And as a person I feel powerless. I do not know what to do. I am a teacher. And not a politician. I hope for the best. And think of you, there in Greece. Love and blessings for you,
    warm greetings H. (48 years old. )

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