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  1. MD

    Dear K,

    I am sad to hear about your living conditions. Also, I am ashamed of the EU and my country, the Netherlands, for allowing people to live in such conditions and just talk a lot.
    Please know that many people do care about you. Unfortunately, it is not in my power to change your conditions. I would when I could. I will try to gather some e-mail adresses from politicians and parties and write to them.
    They need to know that many voters think people are more important than money and that our own economical issues and problems are futile.
    A lot of people here complain that their life is hard. Our lives have become more expensive and the people with a low income do have serious problems, I can’t deny that.
    But I won’t accept that we let people live in poor unhumane conditions because we won’t spend the money or invite people to the Netherlands, just to keep people calm that don’t have it even half as bad.

    Wishing you the very best,


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