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  1. Lisa

    Dear M,

    I am very sorry to read your story. I understand you fled from death in Cameroon and now you are in Europe but you still aren’t safe.. How difficult is your life.

    I hope you can make some friends so your not alone anymore.
    It’s hard to see that the people around the camp treat you the way the do. It’s terrible, when you feel rejected. I am a christian and I hope and pray for you. I know God can make a change, but i don’t know why it takes so long. The leaders of the country have to see the way they lead the country is totally wrong.

    Maybe you can come to Holland, I hope you can get out of the camp soon.

    Bye bye

  2. MD

    Dear M,

    I really don’t understand racism. Deep down, we are all the same, way back in history, we all came from the same people and we are all connected. It’s not fair that people judge you based on assumptions or the behaviour of other people that just look a bit like you.
    I hope the human race will one day evolve more.
    Those restaurants and businesses don’t even deserve you as a customer.

    I really hope your living conditions improve soon.
    You are welcome in the Netherlands by me but I don’t decide on that unfortunately.

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